A Book Club dedicated to reading books that deal with marriage. To foster, nurture and preserve tight, unbreakable bonds between a husband and wife.


Thank you so much for your interest in joining this book club. Amaka’s Book Club is dedicated solely to reading, studying, and discussing books about marriage and the male/female relationship dynamic in order to ensure that our marriages survive and thrive in a day an age when many marriages are failing.

Marriage takes work to make it work, so I say, let’s get to work.

There are three separate categories in the book club Team DMS —for the Married, Separated, or Divorced; Team S —the Single; and Team M —the Men.

Each team typically reads different books as they have different needs and skill sets to thrive in a marriage relationship, though these skill sets may converge—come together, at some points. Once you sign up, you will be added to a WhatsApp group for your particular team.

Each team meets separately via Zoom the last Saturday or Sunday of each month to discuss the book for that month. And we invite the author, or a known personality in the field of relationships to weigh in as we talk. The Zoom link is posted on the WhatsApp group the day before the meet, and for this and other information I suggest that you check the group often for updates, information, and just to interact- it is usually quite lively.

I really look forward to meeting every single one of you at that time.

Book Of The Month September 2021

Team DMS

– Married, Separated or Divorced

270 Flirty Messages to send to Him – by Cecilia Agu

Looking for an existing template of loving and erotic messages to send to your husband, but the words aren’t coming together just yet? No need to rack your brain any longer. Cecilia wrote this book with specific texts that you can either send as it is or simply tweak to make it your own.

Team S

– Single

Single and Loving It!: Living Life to the Fullest – by Kate McVeigh

Don’t Wait on Your Mate — Start Fulfilling the Vision God Has Given You! The world seems to offer only two popular perceptions about living single…

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